The rarest qualities are those artists who have the innate ability to produce, write and perform their own music! Ruben a.k.a Laudie is one of those talents in the St. Louis area. His music has become the need for those up and coming local rap and r&b artists in the St. Louis Metro area. One any given night of the week, Deez Beats Productions LLC studio is abuzz with clientele looking for hot tracks from Laudie, that could propel them to the next level in the music industry. At the same time Laudie is working on his own concept, developing rap, reggae and reggae ton beats, that goes well in his urban and Latin Amrican upbringing, Born in Panama City, Panama, Ruben begin performing at a very young age, in school activities, in Panama, where his mother was a teacher and the director of most extracurricular activities that happened at the school! Ruben came to the United States, to the St. Louis area, and excelled in elementary and high school. He is currently in college at the University of Missouri – St. Louis, where he majors in Business Administration, and has law school aspirations! It was in his high school years that he and his production partner, Philip Williams, got interested in the music production business, and started the venture that led to Deez Beats Productions LLC, small music production company that has become know locally as the place to get great beats! Through his associations, Laudie built his studio into a state-of-the-art system, and now produces the highest quality of tracks for himself and other artists. Laudie, age 22, now is exploring the artist side of the music business, and has now wrote, co-produced and recorded his own fantastics songs, which upon completion of his demo, will go to one of the top indie record companies in the US! Laudie took his time in creating songs that represented his talent, never one to rush through a project, wanting to get the best of what another artist or his self, were capable of. The world may wanna get ready, cause the LOU has another superstar talent ready to bust out and take the music world by storm! LAUDIE and Deez Beats are TAKIN OVA! Get Ready for the Spanish Casanova!

Deez Beat